Dirty Bomb Mercserv Update

I worked upon the refactor of old assets and creation of new weapon skins to support a new weapon skin creation system that utilized Substance designer to generate substance preset files for use in engine.
Overall there were 9 weapons per case that needed to be created and for each weapon case a unique substance painter created skin, all with variations in wear levels, Pristine, Refined, Standard, Worn and Scarred. (255 weapon skins overall, excluding melee weapons)

The process was as automated as possible, but a lot of the creation had to be done by hand.
Weapon skins were a mix of pattern based creation and bespoke painting in substance painter for the cobalt items.

Weapon skin concepts were provided by @MeganTupper

Dirty Bomb: The Nuclear Winter Update

Jordan moss weapon skins coresec


Jordan moss weapon skins kma


Jordan moss weapon skins rf

Royal Force

Jordan moss alice weapon display v2 800x450


Jordan moss aquila weapon display v2 800x450